Goosebumps Horrorland


1-A Vingança do Boneco Vivo

2-Rastejando das Profundezas


3-Sangue de Monstro para o Cafe da Manhã

4-O Grito da Mascara Assombrada

5-Dr. Maluco vs. Robby Schwartz

6-Who's Your Mummy?

7-My Friends Call Me Monster

8-Say Cheese and Die Screaming!

9-Welcome to Camp Slither

10-Help! We Have Strange Powers!

11-Escape from HorrorLand

12-The Streets of Panic Park

13-When the Ghost Dog Howls

14-Little Shop of Hamsters - March 2010

15-Heads, You Lose - May 2010

16-Weirdo Halloween 



17-The Wizard Of Ooze 

18-Slappy's New Year (unknown)


19 - The Horror at Chiller House





21-Night of the Giant Everything

22-The Five Masks of Dr. Screem: Special Edition